The Pink Parlour Festival

Yesterday, on one of the gloomiest days we’ve had this year, I went to The Pink Parlour Festival with a couple of girlfriends. Initially, when my friend told me about a giant crafts fair geared towards ladies, I was beyond excited. Somehow, it seems that crafts fairs are few and far between in my area. (Of course I say this after having coincidentally been to another one last weekend.) However, I typically find that if I do make it to one, it’s because I happened to drive by at the right time.

It was my first time here, and this festival did not disappoint; it will certainly be the one to beat going forward. It was huge! Held indoors at the Santa Anita Park from 11-7, which was fortunate because this was a particularly torrential Sunday, it was teeming with vendors selling homemade crafts and goodies, and even had live music. The Girl Scouts even had a stall, which was super because I may or may not have eaten the cookies I’d bought to send my sister in Berlin… (I mean, what?)

I had a grand old time not just hanging with my friends and roaming from stall to stall, but also chatting with those artists whose wares I found particularly delightful. In this case, there were many – proof being the amount of business cards I emptied from my pockets upon my return home. Below, I’ll share some of my favorites with you. And, while each artist obviously brings her own spin to things, I did notice there were specific things trending at this show. For the most part this included what I’d categorize as pin-up girl accessories, like some fabulous hair pieces, as well as lots of bows and jewelry with skulls on them. Adorable skulls – is that an oxymoron?

While I did return home with a few tangible trinkets of my own, and all those cards, I also left the fair with a ton of new inspiration! Anything from a color scheme to a pattern or a specific design by another artist can set my mind turning with ideas, and this festival was chock full of all three. There were also many great products that I knew I could replicate myself, and I can’t wait to try 🙂

Here are my purchases:

  • Necklace from Whimsical Fantasy Art by Diana Levin – He just reminded me so much of Stitch, so I had to have this! She also had cute drawings and mini-paintings too!
  • Crocheted flower barrette from Rockarooz – It was hard to choose just one. She also had these precious crocheted octopus stuffed animals.
  • ACEO card from JM Tolman – Loved her hand-painted, comic book style ladies on mini canvases with their brilliant colors.
  • Almond Rosemary Brittle from P.O.P. Candy – all the samples I tried were amazing, and their stuff is homemade with the most basic ingredients.

I also devoured a Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcake from Patti Cakes (not pictured). Additionally, though I didn’t make any purchases at their booths, some of my other favorite vendors included Art By Elaina, Vivee’s Cakery, and Jenni B Creative.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Elaina for quite a bit about her artwork. There is just something about the ladies she draws – something about the sense of both whimsy and sultriness, combined with her striking use of color. And those eyes! It was hard to tear myself away from her booth.

Vivee creates mini pastries out of fimo, or something similar, and I couldn’t get over the detail in each tiny delight! From cupcakes to French macaron, she nailed both colors and textures, and the sheer cuteness had me getting all girly. I even dragged my friend back for one more look before we wandered down the next aisle. (Picture taken from her website.)

Jenni B was quite lovely to chat with as well. She designs custom cake-toppers, a passion she started pursuing after she and her [then soon-to-be] husband couldn’t find a topper for their wedding cake that suited them. She makes each creation from clay and hand paints them with acrylic – everything from models of the bride and groom to owls to robots. Her toppers can’t easily be topped.

This is just a small sampling of the day’s eye candy, but I hope you get an idea of how unique and fabulous the variety of artwork was. I urge you to check out all these artists I mentioned, and their goods! I can’t wait until next year, and have been racking my brain to figure out how much crafting I’d need to do by then to sustain a booth there myself. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

Oh, and I even bet on a horserace while I was there, and won! Definitely a great day at the track all around. (Despite the water dripping from my face when we got back to the car. In the words of Ollie from Family Guy, it was raining sideways.)

Are there any crafts fair/festival favorites of yours? Any upcoming ones in the LA area you can recommend to me?


One thought on “The Pink Parlour Festival

  1. This festival is one of the coolest ever! Thanks for all the wonderful links and pictures 😀
    Being a nut for bite size sweets I really love especially the mini fimo pastries – too cute!

    Choc Chip Uru

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