Halloween Nail Art!

I got this great neon coral polish from Forever 21. (It’s infinitely brighter than that picture would lead you to believe.) I can’t get enough of it on my toes or my fingers. Last weekend I decided, in the spirit of attending something called The Rise of the Jack o’ Lanterns, that I would embellish them a bit, so I added some fun to my thumbs.

Thumb1 Thumb2

Then last night happened. Last night, a friend told me about a show on Oxygen called Nail’d It. It is a nail painting/decorating/creating competition TV show, and it was incredible. It’s even hosted by a Cheetah Girl! (Anyone know what I’m talking about?)

Anyway – why just watch a show about nail decorating when you could simultaneously decorate your nails as well? So I did! Fingers 3, 4, and 5 each received a little holiday spirit of their own. I started with the ghost (one on each hand), and then went to the candy corn, and finally the cat. My sister said to leave my 2nd finger alone for the sake of being different, and I listened. Otherwise I might have attempted spider webs on them.

Left HandRight Hand

To answer some questions you might have, that I’ve been asked before… Yes, I painted these myself. I used those little detail brushes they sell in the slender bottles of polish. Yes, I did my right hand also. I don’t know that I’m quite ambidextrous, but I certainly have practice painting with my left hand. Yes, it took a lot longer to do my right hand!

What are your favorite Halloween nail designs? I’ve seen dripping blood, which was pretty cool, and considered trying some sort of Frankenstein head, but I ran out of patience. I hope these last, but if not, I’ll get to create something new for next week!


Perry the Nail Polish-apus

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally managed to pull it off… just in time for the birthday of the woman who gave me the idea! I was also inspired by this image on Spektor’s Nails, which was sent to me by another friend.

I present to you, Perry the Nail Polish-apus. I painted them myself, using L’Oreal’s “not a cloud in sight” for the background color. For the thumb nail, I did the ever iconic Perry face you’ve seen everywhere.

For the middle fingers, I did Perry as he appears when he’s a regular ol’ house pet.

Perry Nails 1Perry fingers_1

And, since everyone asked to see my right hand… you should know that I didn’t even attempt to do this while painting with my left. (Well, after the test run where I determined it wasn’t going to be a good idea.)

Below are the pix of the test run, done with my dominant hand.

Nail Test 2 NailTest1

Lessons learned:

  1. Even teeny, tiny paintbrushes sometimes leave thicker lines than anticipated.
  2. It seems a lot easier to paint a simple design than it is, because you cant quite detach your hand from your wrist to put it at the angle you’d like.
  3. When you take close up pictures of your hands, everyone will see your cuticles.
  4. It’s really hard to take close up pictures of your own hand.

Perry Nails_Thumb 1